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Are you Aiming for the zenith of your purpose in life? the place to start is Grace Garden International College

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Integrity & Excellence

Our College is designed to produce people of integrity that will make excellence their minimum standard

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Standard Facilities & Conducive Environment

Learning and Teaching facilities in the College are modeled after best in Colleges around the world

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Advanced Stuff

Being aware that the world presently the world is in the age known as 'information age' and that drive of the world today is information, the school is therefore informed that the platform upon which the students of this generation will ride to their zenith is information Technology.

In view of the above, the school took to ensure that needed ICT equipment required are made available both for the students leisure, enhance communication, efficient teaching and learning and as well to keep the students in tune with their world.

Students of the College in the Computer Room

We have been developing JSN Solid for more then 2 years and that tremendous amount of time allowed us to roll out some really advanced stuff. For us, the word “advanced” is not just fancy marketing buzz, but really something that you will not likely see anywhere else.

Easy to Start

JSN Solid provides unique mechanism of installing sample data on directly your current website. Just few clicks and the demo website is here.

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Flash Gallery

The flash gallery you see on this website is cool product JSN ImageShow. Designed to present photos, you can use this product to show either professional photo portfolio or your family album.

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RTL Layout

All JoomlaShine templates are equipped with native RTL layout support. We tweak every tiny details to make template look absolutely awesome in RTL mode.

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Docs & Support

JSN Solid is equipped with very comprehensive documentation package of quick start video and PDF documents that you can print and read at convenience.

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Source ordering

Source ordering

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Website Title

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RTL layout support

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Over 40 parameters to pick up

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Parameters to control layout dimensions
Parameters to control layout dimensions




My School - Each time I go to school I learn something new. I learn ways to solve problems had never solved before, and always to find keys to open each new door. I learn what it means to be a total child. I learn what it means to be kind and gentle.

Akunakwe Maxine, Student
                         Wonderful School - GGIC is filled with good laboratories for science, efficient clubs which we use to show-case our talents (debating, drama, JETS, ICT and more). Grace Garden is not a place where they just teach students how to read and write but you also learn about etiquette, morals and values

Asmau Yahaya Alfa, student

Scenes From Graduation 2015  

The Gomo of Kuje Alhaji Haruna Tanko Jibrin discussing with the Chairman of GGIC during the 2015 Graduation ceremony of the school


Some dignitaries at the 2015 Graduation  ceremony

Some of the 2015 graduating Students of the College


Academic Prize Winners During the 2015 Graduation


Bob Stevenson


College Events/Facilities
GGIC has Science Equipment for Secondary Education in Nigeria

The School has steadily built teaching and learning equipment and amenities
 up to local and International  standard including laboratories.
 Students in the Laboratory

Students of the College in the Library

Daniel Amokachi  Supports Football Development GGIC

 Dan Amokachi with GGIC Students

  The College has behavioral experts whose jobs are to identify and develop the various talents inherent in their students. As part of the process the Nigerian Ex-International footballer, Dan Amokachi was in the school to support the school football coaching programmes aimed at developing football talents in students of GGIC.


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Your Wards Should Study in this Friendly, Conducive & Standard Learning Environment.  

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