Put simplistically, this topic wants to examine the fundamentals of primary and secondary levels of education in the development of any nation. When we speak of primary and secondary levels of education, we are speaking of foundational levels. That is the level which education takes its root. Education itself is defined by modern English dictionary as ‘the act or process of acquiring knowledge, developing the powers of reasoning and judgment, and generally of preparing oneself or others intellectually for mature life’. National in the context of this topic is certainly not the anthropological or political science perception of what is ‘national’, the constitutional contemplation of what is a ‘nation’ or ‘national’ will suffice for addressing this topic at this level of learning. The oath of office of the president of Nigeria contained in the seventh schedule to the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 deduces a nation as a political entity of people within a national boundary defined and protected by the same constitution which provisions must be defended by the president. Therefore issues affecting the collecting lives of the people within themselves or between them and other nations are said to be national. Its economy and distribution, politics, citizenship, rights and privileges, etcetera are the relationship between nations in competitive globalized economy of the 21st century are too weighty to be left in the hands of people whose educational foundation are quackery like we often hear of today in the terminology ‘unemployable graduates’ are foundational problem in the root of education process. Today absence of integrity and sound moral amongst young men and women now plaguing homes and society like ‘the get rich quickly syndrome’ are issues of flawed educational root. Show me a country whose educational process at primary and secondary levels are morally and intellectually sound like in Grace Garden Schools I will most probably show you a sane society. The question is, compare with tertiary level of education what degree of attention should a country give to education at primary and secondary level of training? To effectively address this question let us examine the connotation of the term foundation at least in the context of the definition of a structural engineer. To the structural engineer, the foundation of a building is called ‘The Substructure’ while all that is above it is called ‘the superstructure’. To them the substructure carries the superstructure. If the substructure is bad, the super structure must be bad. In other words substructure is the mother of superstructure.

In fact I know of a building bulldozer could not bring down for weeks because of the strength of its substructure and pillars resting on it. Many people have lost their lives because of building with wrong foundation, mark you good foundation like in education is not the paintings and fittings in a building which can mislead. Look at the law court also, the issue of jurisdiction for a judge to try a case is said to be foundational to the case, whenever it is raised in a case before a judge, the judge is enjoined to stop the main case and trash it out first otherwise a higher court will set aside his judgement in the main case on appeal. He has no choice in this procedure, because a house that is resting on a faulty foundation cannot stand. You cannot give out what you do not have (Nemo dat quo non habet). Foundational issues highly seem to mean everything and our educational policies and practices in Nigeria tend to run antithetical to this rule of life that is, solidifying our substructure of education. In the past twenty years or so what meaningful investment did our government give to primary and secondary education? Why do we therefore get worried about unemployable graduates in our country today and the moral virus that is eating up our society? The like of Barr. And Mrs. Collins Aimuan are not common who will prefer to invest in early childhood education at the expense of big ant latest cars and travels or money they should invest in a bank and become the chairman of the bank. Today young men can kill at will and take hard drugs, no respect for social code of behavior. All these are moral foundational issues. Everything is foundation and foundation is everything. President Buhari is widely acclaimed and respected today because of sound upbringing people of moral upbringing are always honorable and few. Training at primary at secondary level in Grace Garden School is targeted at the TOTAL CHILD. This is achieved by a proficient administrative structure and a team of professional teachers trained in latest educational PEDAGOGY.IN Grace Garden we manifest a practical demonstration of IN-LOCO-PARENTIS. Our various award winning status by our students, pupils and ex-students are characterized by going the extra mile (MAGIS) and CURA PERSONALIS (personal care) of every child. In Grace Garden our drive for excellence is anchored on sound moral codes culminating in academic excellence, integrity, creativity and good leadership qualities. Our ever improving modern day infrastructure and faculties guarantees a vibrant teaching and learning environment. Apart from QUA academics and sound moral education, Grace Gardens offers the pupils and students the opportunity of participating in leadership training Program, career service program, social civic responsibility etcetera. Globally the West long discovered essence of early childhood education, this is why parents are sanctioned for not sending to school at this level. In Luxembourg for example parents are paid for sending their children to school and children are paid for going to school aside from the scholarship. The reverse is the case in Nigeria. Lending rates to school owners are higher than the rates for import and export sector, manufacturing and agricultural sector. In short primary and secondary education was forgotten in the program of past administrations. Thank God for the present government who has promised to take up education squarely.in Israel their song day and night is education, hence highest number of noble prize winning comes from Israel. China sends most of their children to study in America and Europe to learn their technology and compete with them. Thank God for Grace Garden School, we ensure the bulk of our former students go to the best universities in the world and they come up beating their peers and winning scholarship. Report came to us that one of our student in a leading university won a scholarship and was appointed a mentor to new students. Another student in medical school in Europe won the most outstanding student in her level and was appointed to represent her university before an international body. The list of our God’s help great strides is long. Building universities without building primary and secondary level of education is an effort of futility; it amounts to building on faulty foundation. This is time to establish education bank in Nigeria like China. This is time for free land to schools. Right here we buy our transformer, build our roads. Generate our water, bring our light but are pressured by government agents for bills and taxes to government. Parents and government must support our quest for quality education for all in Nigeria in private and public schools; this is the only way to global greatness for Nigeria. We must fly Nigeria manufactured aircraft, produce our cars, ships and build our roads etcetera.

I thank our government for the opportunity we have to mould lives, our dear parents for trust of entrusting their children to us, teachers for their dexterity at work and pupils and students for their excellent records ever. Our graduating pupil/students for your promise to fly our flag higher in the world arena. God bless you all!

Barr. Collins Aimuan

(Chairman GGIS/GGIC)

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