Barr. Collins E. Aimuan

Chairman, Advisory Council


The School has a formidable advisory Council headed by the Chairman of the Institution, Barr. Collins A. Aimuan. The role of the School Advisory Council is to provide advice and counsel to the Proprietress  and other members of staff. The Council plays a key role in helping to shape the School's future. Council members are accomplished, distinguished members of the world of business, government, law, education, and beyond. They share a keen appreciation for the mission of the School, and, with their worldwide perspective, they help assure that Grace Garden International School grows and and contributes greatly to improve education in Nigeria.  The board meets periodically when the need arises to deliberate on specific issues.



The image gallery you see on this website presents pictures of events and activities of Grace Garden International School.


  Our commitment is to discover and develop the leadership culture in our pupils. Our aim is to equip our pupils with the leadership skills and attitude they need to be successful in life endeavours.






There are numerous reasons why your choice of school for that total child should be GGIS

We set intellectual & moral pace