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We can Resonstruct Our World

Life from the urban to the rural area is all about competition. Competition is on the basis of the quality of what you have to offer the world. What a nation offers the world is a function of the quality of the human capital development at her disposal. Life does not really deceive itself. Life does not cheat anybody. People often cheat and defend themselves to feel they were deceived and cheated by life. I have heard of so many conferences and bodies set up by Afrian leaders to achieve greatness, yet lip service is paid to our human capital development infrastructure.

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The Eulogy of Grace Garden

Grace is the lubricant that ease a man’s journey; it is the ointment that brings him freshness. To operate outside grace is equal to using a blunt cutlass. Any labour done outside Grace is a labour in futility. It is fortune to contact grace in your mornings but to miss it is to keep with fatigue. A one minute work done under Grace has the capacity to till the entire earth. But a forty year labour fueled by human energy is sacrilege marked for demolition. A drop of grace is better than a store of goods. Grace announces a man, gracelessness cobwebs him. Grace is a priceless currency that frees a man from the fret of earthlings. It is the salver that services the eyes to behold external things. Grace grows a man, gracelessness grounds him. Grace is the life vest that keeps a man afloat on the sea of life. Grace is the oxygen that incubates the mind, its deflation results in fatality. Grace is a pass; the licenses to prosperity. The absence of it is the drought that impoverishes a man. Grace makes a man to leap over a wall. Gracelessness makes him to be stranded. Grace is alignment that balances a man for honours, to journey without it is to fellowship with dishonour for life without grace is grave. A man bereft of Grace is night traveler, susceptible to the oppression of marauding darkness but a man under Grace sky-rockets for he is humid with freshness of the morning and rides on the wings of an eagle. Grace is field, a fountain, a reservoir. To invest in Grace is to top the world. For life outside Grace is grass. But to locate grace one has to locate the GARDEN.


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The phenomenal growth of Grace International School within a period of fourteen years from erstwhile three bedroom bungalow in Maitama with four children of the Chairman of the Board of Trustees to the now sprawling School in Maitama, to Wuye School, then to the new world class ten hectares land space college in Kuje can only be explained by a school that is standing on her niche and her edge subsumed in her vision.

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Graduation Ceremony

Graduation Ceremony

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