Life from the urban to the rural area is all about competition. Competition is on the basis of the quality of what you have to offer the world. What a nation offers the world is a function of the quality of the human capital development at her disposal. Life does not really deceive itself. Life does not cheat anybody. People often cheat and defend themselves to feel they were deceived and cheated by life. I have heard of so many conferences and bodies set up by Afrian leaders to achieve greatness, yet lip service is paid to our human capital development infrastructure.
African Nations use poor human capital infrastructure to coordinate and harness their natural resources. The result is poor products for sophisticated international markets; hence African countries are labeled with the toga of ‘third world countries’. To extricate and rid off this evil label, leaders in Africa often depend on other nations’ human resources to develop their countries. They get into the web of the proverbial foolish man who gave his dry fish to a rat to keep. Too many foreign rats are now in Africa with sophisticated crookedness. If a rat eats a whole fish, it often leaves the bone behind. This is why Africa’s fast natural resources end up in bones. Bones cannot nourish people. Africa’s salvation lies in the place where the quality of her human capital development is rich enough to supervise, control and teach other nationals in our domain how to process our resources. Our slave mentality must change. That is to say the infrastructure of human capital development must be strong enough to foist integrity, national loyalties, technological revolution and other virtues of God on us. This naturally will orchestrate a reversal of fate in the relationship between Africa and her foreign business partners. A situation where foreigners built our water plants, roads, airports, hospitals, hotels….and our people serve them will take Africa nowhere, no matter the number of conferences, committees and communiqués. We drive their cars, fly their aircrafts and carry our goods in their ship. This self impose Africa slavery needs a reversal. The younger generation in Grace Garden International School has resolved to bail the cat. Our resolution is enclosed in total quality education for all by 2020. We are supporting Mr. President in this battle. Leaders are humans; they need the support of God and man. We are such humans and our support is total for the President. Singapore before her independence in 1965 was a mere trading post from her British Colonial masters. The country did not have endowments but today her credentials include a country with world number one airport, busiest port of trade, world number one airline and world fourth largest per capita real income. Dubai turned her desert to world new heaven. Israel is essentially mountainous geographically, but today turned into tourist wealth spinner. Human capital is God’s asset to change the world into cities of milk and honey. African nations cannot afford to continue to abuse her own human capital by neglecting quality education for her people and expect heaven on earth. Corruption has now become an enigma of captivity in new African Development. A monster of celebrity of sort, even in churches and Mosque. The corrupt leaders who have become rich are the proclaimed righteous ones. This is living against God and nature. We at Grace Gardens have chosen to take the lead in our school and college, to kick-start quality and impartial education. Our children are being groomed to reconstruct their world. This is why our students in world class universities are topping their classes. Excellence begets excellence. This edition of this magazine is our 7th Anniversary Edition. 7 years of God’s favour, from a humble beginning of a school in a bungalow into a structural and intellectual edifice. An edifice where children that are conquering the world are being moulded Barr. Collins A. Aimuan Chairman Grace Garden International School & Grace Garden International College.
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