About My School

My name is Subomi Adeniran and I will like to talk about my school. First of all, what is a school? A school is a place where child learns and gets knowledge. The name of my school is Grace Garden International School (GGIS). Grace Garden is an outstanding, marvellous and awesome school, even though some may not consider it to be the best school in Nigeria,

Bolu’s Ten Years in GGIS

I started schooling at Grace Garden in the year 2005 and have not changed my school since then. I started from day care where I stayed with the school Nurse fondly called Aunty Nurse and Mrs Blessing. There I learnt how to walk and talk graduated to reception and I learnt how to read and write. Thereafter, I started primary school in GGIS. I found out that they use both British and Nigeria Curriculum, which are the difficult curriculum. When I finished the pre-school stage and got to primary school. I began to believe that Grace Garden is actually good. . I am grateful to my Mummy and Daddy for availing me the opportunity to attend this prestigious institution of learning.


Life from the urban to the rural area is all about competition. Competition is on the basis of the quality of what you have to offer the world. What a nation offers the world is a function of the quality of the human capital development at her disposal. Life does not really deceive itself. Life does not cheat anybody. People often cheat and defend themselves to feel they were deceived and cheated by life. I have heard of so many conferences and bodies set up by Afrian leaders to achieve greatness, yet lip service is paid to our human capital development infrastructure.
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